Pastor’s Corner

Dear Parishioners of St. Mary,

Fall is fast approaching and the leaves are changing.  Just as the seasons change we too are constantly growing and changing in our own Spiritual lives, families, and friends.  Let us take stock and see where we are in relation to Jesus.  What areas do I have to continually work at in my life?  Are there people whom I am struggling with and need to forgive?  We have to remember sanctity is something we must always work at and not give up despite our sinfulness and personal weaknesses that we continually battle against each and every day of our lives.  We don’t give up just because its hard and we know that Jesus sees all our effort and good works.

When it comes to pain and suffering, have you ever noticed how many advertisements on television there are for drugs or medicines?  From ‘aches and pains’ to allergies and more, medical science continues to make progress in alleviating much of the suffering which often afflicts us.  And this is good.  It is good to be able to restore a person to good health, and to remove pain.  And still, in a mysterious yet important way, human suffering – ‘bearing one’s cross’ – has redemptive value.  When Jesus told his disciples that He would have to suffer greatly and be killed, Peter naturally protested.  Peter did not want to see the Lord suffer!  And yet, it is through His suffering, death and Resurrection that Jesus redeems the world.  That is important for us to remember when we, or someone we love, suffers.  Human existence will always entail some suffering (physical, emotional, or spiritual).  By uniting our suffering to Christ, we will also share in His Resurrection!  Lord, help us to think like You, and with You.  Help us to carry our own cross like You, and with You.  Let us walk with him on the journey.

God’s Blessings,

Fr. David