Pastor’s Corner

Dear Faithful of St. Mary’s,

With the summer season upon us, we must be vigilant that we continue to nurture family values.  It is easy to let things slide, especially in our spiritual welfare.  To live our lives in today’s world, we must constantly arm ourselves with Christian virtues which help Christian families survive and grow in God’s grace.  Here are 10 Christian virtues which we should be striving for as a part of our family life in Christ Jesus.

  1. LOVE.  One must choose to love one another through good times and bad.
  2. COMMITMENT.  One must choose to commit his/her life to be an active part of the family.
  3. UNDERSTANDING.  One must be open to listen and to comprehend what family members have to say.
  4. TRUST.  One must build and reinforce trust through honesty and fidelity.
  5. COMPASSION.  One must have love and care for other family members.
  6. MERCY.  One must be able to forgive, modeling his/her life on the mercy of Jesus.
  7. SACRIFICE.  One must be willing to give of him/herself for the good of other family members.
  8. GRATITUDE.  One must see what each other does as a gift and express thanks to each other.
  9. HOLINESS.  Each must strive to be a holy individual.  The holiness of each brings holiness to the family.
  10. OPENNESS TO GOD.  One must be open to the guidance of God.

We can’t choose our families but we are called to bring Jesus Christ to them and to those with whom we interact with around us.  Have a blessed, restful, and grace filled summertime.  Be assured of my prayers.

Fr David