Worship Commission


Help to enhance the environment for all Liturgical Celebrations.  Plan the liturgy, environment, music, and ways to enhance the spirituality of our parish family.  The ministries described on the next two pages are among the many responsibilities of the Liturgy Committee.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

This ministry is for members of the laity who are trained to assist in distributing the Holy Eucharist during Mass and also to the home bound.  All must be Catholics in good standing and eligible for reception of the Sacraments.
Contact:  Patty Schmidt – 303.838.6666


Lectors are lay persons who have been trained to proclaim God’s Word during the Mass.  Lectors embrace a special feeling for Scripture and share this love with the congregation.
Contact: Paula Morris-303.816.4801 (Sunday)                                                         Juanita Johnson-303.816.9089 (Saturday)


The Sacristans serve the parish in a very special way by carefully making ready what is required for all Liturgical celebrations.  Persons who serve in this ministry ensure that all vessels, linens and other items are properly prepared for the liturgy.
Contact:  Patty Schmidt – 303.838.6666

Ushers and Greeters

The role of this important ministry includes helping people feel at home with us in our church, ensuring order and comfort for all participants before, during and after the Liturgy.
Contact: Rick & Juanita Kursevich  303.838.5409


Ministry assignments are scheduled quarterly.  Annual training is provided for all ministries.
Contact: Matt Boldra (Sundays) 303.816.1856 OR Juanita Johnson (Saturdays) 303.816.9089

Altar Servers

Young people assisting the priest at the altar are a long-standing tradition in the Roman Catholic Church.  This ministry is open to boys and girls 3rd grade through Senior High.  It is an excellent opportunity for young persons to actively participate in the life of the Church.  This ministry is open to children and young adults who have made their First Holy Communion.
Contact:Parish Office/Father David  303.838.2375

Music and Choir

Give praise to the Lord through music!  Your participation is welcome whether you have a little time or a lot!  If you enjoy singing or playing an instrument, consider becoming a valuable addition to the music ministry.
Contact:  Joe Morris  303.816.4803 or 720.935.5637(Sunday)                                       Ray Johnson 303.816.9089 (Saturday)

Prayer List

Join other members of our parish in prayer for the individual needs of parish members, families and friends.  Communicate special requests and the gift of prayer to help others through difficult and joyous times. Names will remain on the prayer list for 3 weeks then removed. Please keep the office informed if you wish the continual prayers.
Contact:Parish Office  303.838.2375


Create an appealing environment to enhance the Mass and other liturgical celebrations.
Contact:  Grace Velasquez – 303.838.8586

Altar Linens

Contact the office – 303.838.2375

Parish Life

This ministry provides opportunities for parishioners to meet and socialize with each other, as well as offering outreach services to the needy of our community. It also provides means for comforting, praying and caring for each other.

Outreach programs that are performed include (but are not limited to):

*Donate food for the needy

*Assemble Thanksgiving baskets for the needy in the parish and community.

*Provide a Christmas Giving Tree to collect gifts for needy families.

St. Mary of the Rockies supports Interfaith Food Pantry. InterFaith is a coalition of Churches (PCCC, Deer Park United Methodist, Risen Lord Lutheran, Crow Hill Bible Church, St. Mary of the Rockies) collaborating to run one pantry located at 966 Rim Rock Road in Bailey. We help families in the Pine, Bailey and Grant area. We operate Monday through Friday for local families in need of food assistance. We are 100% donation supported and volunteer staffed.

Parish Pastoral Council (Members are appointed by the Pastor)

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body to the Pastor.  The Parish Pastoral Council is an instrument of common counsel to advise the Pastor in establishing goals and policies in matters pertaining to the spiritual and temporal affairs of the parish.  Under the direction of the Pastor, the Council provides a forum for the exchange of ideas to encourage, unify, and enable the whole parish community to make the Gospel known.  Council meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month.  Members are appointed by the Pastor and serve a two-year term that may be extended at the Pastor’s discretion.  All final decisions are made by the Pastor.  Council members are guided by the articles presented in the Parish Pastoral Handbook, which is given to each parish as a guideline for continued growth.  The members are commissioned to act as liaisons between the council and the parish ministries.


Bruce Bohne             303.838.5204

Juanita Kursevich      303.838.5409

Thomas Mann            303.838.7454

Mary Beth Patterson  303.838.6914

                                                                                                                                         Finance Council Members

Matt Boldra                                303.816.1856

Luci Berardi                               303.816.6229

Chris Sauser                             303.838.0811

The Finance Council is a consultative body of laity who meet to advise the Pastor in planning and administering parish matters with the understanding that the Pastor, under the Bishop, is responsible for all final decisions.  Management of the parish assets, accountability of funds and providing financial information to parishioners are among the important responsibilities of Finance Council members.